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Music Creativity Lab is a unique music school for children. They help children develop their musical talents by teaching them music theory, performance, and music instruments. They needed to create a web-site and a logo. The goal was to create something bright, colorful, but also modern looking. The business goal was to bring new students and also create an online registration process for group and private classes for existing students. Also we wanted to incorporate a smart user experience and mobile first design approach.


For Music Creativity Lab I designed a web site that has bright fresh colors and bold shapes. We also used a card sorting technique to narrow down the tab choices and establish logical user flow. After creating several sketches and wire frames, we moved on with the web development. The website was tested with user group of 10 people, after which we made several edits and published it online. 


The website also has an online sign-up system that helps current students to pay for music classes online. Since this is a smaller business, we decided to use WIX to develop it  because this way the client can edit content (such as pictures, videos) without additional cost of hiring someone to maintain it. I keep overseeing the website, and do small updates when requested. Logo colors inspiration come from the location of the studio that is on Monona bay with a view to a lake that has blue and teal color, so teal was chosen as one of the colors. The client uses both black and white version of the logo and teal version depending of the need. In addition to design assistance, I took pictures and video of children performances when requested. 


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