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CLIENT Squigl. They sell custom software for creating fast animated videos and tutorials. Main clients are school teachers. ocused on future-proofed innovative software and design solutions for small to mid-range businesses.

TASK: Redesign Website

CHALLANGE: Determine user group and user personas, design bright, custom website


  • User research, comparative analyses, created and sent out surveys for active users, conducted 5 interviews to create user personas.

  • Create site map, user journeys.

  • Designed and approve low- fidelity prototype.

  • Created style guide, designed custom icons and UI elements, created custom animations and tutorials. Performed photo treatment.

  • Delivered high-fidelity prototype.

  • Built website in WordPress

Mood board, button research, proposed site map, several low/medium fidelity prototype screens (XD snippet), icons, Header design example (1 of  many), Multiple graphic design assets created.
website map-Marina Dolgova v1
final moodboard
Group 210
Group 176
Group 209
Group 313
squigl-industry-pages-header_v2MD - Copy
Group 19
Group 314
Example of  simple animations used on the website. 
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