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CLIENT Squigl. They sell custom software for creating fast animated videos and tutorials. Main clients are school teachers. ocused on future-proofed innovative software and design solutions for small to mid-range businesses.

TASK: Design "Create Interactive Quiz" workflow. Add additional features such as export, translate, add animation, and others

CHALLANGE: Create intuitive and user friendly flow


  • User research, comparative analyses, created user personas and goals

  • Created screens map, user journeys.

  • Designed and approve low- fidelity prototype.

  • Created style guide, designed custom icons and UI elements.

  • Delivered high-fidelity prototype.

  • Worked with developers to deliver accurate results, helped with finding and fixing bugs.

Screens were designed and prototyped in  Adobe XD

squigl flows.PNG

Here are several examples of navigation and user flows designed with settings and different options to choose from 

Here are some examples of Interactivity features

Examples of available actions

Examples of different flows

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